Hey, hey, hey, time for PCMA!

I had a wicked case of deja vu coming in from the San Diego airport to the Manchester Grand Hyatt last night—felt like I'd just been here. Oh wait, I had! But this time it's for the PCMA Convening Leaders conference, not our West Coast Life Sciences Meeting Management Forum, so I get to relax and enjoy the ride. Well, sort of. I'm sure I'll be, as Neen James (@NeenJames) said on Twitter, "'flat out like a lizard drinking' (that is Aussie slang for busy)" once the festivities begin, but at 5:30 am on Day 1 of PCMA, I am sitting in my room, watching a gorgeous mostly still-full moon hang over the harbor and feeling very thankful for planes, PCMA, and meeting planners.

P.S. Huge kudos to the Manchester Grand Hyatt for putting on a spectacular opening event last night! I don't even know what you call those musicians playing the giant strings, but it was otherworldly.

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