Here she comes...


According to a Florida resident on the MIMlist listserv, who also supplied the link to this NOAA image, Floridians are already hunkering down for hurricane Frances, who's practically stepping on Charley's heels. I'm guessing lots of planners with meetings along the Southeast coast of the U.S. in the near future are dusting off their force majeure clauses so they don't have to take the financial hit for any cancellations the hurricane may cause.

Us Northeasterners, who so far haven't felt the brunt of the season's storms, will will be sending our Southern friends lots of good thoughts in hopes they will get through this one relatively unscathed. She's a big, scary monster of a storm, isn't she?

Update 9/2: Click here for airline cancellations and policies now in place in preparation for Frances.

Also, it looks like the U.S. Virgin Islands were spared this time around.

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