Help for the tech-phobic

Jeffrey Cufaude offers this idea: Create a technology "petting zoo" at your next meeting. So many people are intimidated by all the new technology that's available, and I agree that this is one fairly nonthreatening way to let attendees get some hands-on time without having to worry about getting bitten. From Jeffrey's post:

    Imagine a venue where members can float from station to station trying out new computer software applications, creating their own blogs, filming a short video clip and than learning how to edit it on a computer, and much more. Tech-savvy members could volunteer to serve as mentors and coaches for their peers. A video/audio theatre could offer clips of members already using different technologies talking about the benefits they associate with doing so.

    The entire room could have a carnival like atmosphere with dozens or hundreds of people overcoming their lack of familiarity (or their fear) with some of the new toys and tricks that could help them be more effective in their daily work. I’m seeing visitors leaving with “Technology is my friend” stickers attached to their name badges.

Some of our industry associations do this, but generally they just demo their own new tech offerings. I'd love to see a portion of the expo hall turned into a tech petting zoo for all the new stuff that members might want to take for a test drive. Is anyone doing this already?

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