Help is available for those confused about the new ACCME Standards

While I'm not sure how much it costs, this sounds like a good resource for those who are struggling to come up with new policies and procedures to comply with the new ACCME Standards for Commercial Support. Here's the press release:

    Drs. Jacqueline Parochka and Richard Tischler have joined forces to produce a Compendium of Compliance Documents, including policies, checklists, model agreements, reports, procedures, a conflict of interest decision tree, and more. These documents have been created based on our experience in the CME industry and represent our best efforts to interpret the regulations.

    The Compendium is a set of basic documents in a simple format and is designed to allow easy adaptation to your organization s unique needs.

    We have taken care to present both regulatory requirements and optional practices. Those optional practices are clearly identified in the documents. In addition, we cross-reference each policy or procedure with companion documents in the Compendium.

    Finally, we will continue to monitor the industry for new interpretations and best practices. Compendium subscribers will receive enhancements and new documents at least every other month or more often as needed.

    As a subscriber, you will receive:

    * The Compendium of Compliance Documents (in Microsoft Word format on a CD-ROM)

    * Free Updates, Enhancements, and new Documents through 2005


    From now until December 31, 2004, we are offering the Compendium at a significant discount.

    For pricing and ordering information call Dr. Parochka at 847-680-6419 or e-mail her.

To receive a weekly update, e-mail Sue.

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