Hello, power breakfasts

Another one from today's Boston Globe: Breakfast meetings the toast of town. I knew the three-martini lunch was buried a long time ago, but I didn't realize that breakfast was the new "it" meal for business meetings. It makes sense in terms of time, costs, and mental sharpness (though not in my case -- I'm so not a morning person), but somehow wheeling and dealing over eggs just seems a bit weird. But if it gives restaurants a needed boost, all hail the power breakfast.

Now I'm wondering if people are seeing more of an emphasis on breakfasts at conferences as well? Are they getting better attendance than in the past, or are the night-befores still affecting the morning-afters? At least at most of the meetings I've been to lately, the cocktail reception definitely still takes precedence over breakfast as the networking opp of choice, but I can imagine more actual business would take place over coffee than cocktails.

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