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Healthcare reform bill passes. Implications for CME, pharma meetings?

Thanks to Thomas Sullivan at Policy and Medicine for outlining the Physician Payment Sunshine Provisions of the healthcare reform bill that passed yesterday. I heard from many at our Pharmaceutical Meeting Management Forum last week that many companies -- particularly the larger ones -- have already been tracking their annual per-physician spend (including speaker fees, travel, etc.), and not just for their physicians from Massachusetts and Vermont, in anticipation of some version of the Sunshine provisions being passed.

If anyone has any thoughts on how this will affect pharma meetings for HCPs and/or CME, drop me a note. I'm also curious how the bill overall might affect CME, outside of the transparency provisions. Will it push the CME enterprise closer to a performance-improvement model? Are there other CME or pharma meeting-related consequences, intentional or otherwise, that you see stemming from this bill? Let's talk.

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