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Heads-Up: Free Webinar on How to Make Your Meetings—and Your Work Life—Healthier

I'll be moderating a half-hour free webinar this afternoon at 2 p.m. ET that I'm pretty excited about. We have nutrition and life fulfillment expert Angela Gaffney, CHC, owner, Essential Health and Wellness, and spirit strategist Holly Duckworth, CMP, CAE, owner, Leadership Solutions International (and MeetingsNet IdeaXchange contributor), as they share practical tips for building meetings that are mentally, physically, and spiritually fulfilling for you as a meeting professional and the audiences you serve.

In addition to a half-hour credit toward your CMP certification or recertification, you'll learn signs to look for that suggest your event you use a healthy makeover, how to make your meals healthier without making your budget anemic, and ways to help you reduce stress and make your meetings more productive. (More on the session here.)

If you can't make the session live today, it'll be available on demand in a day or two. I hope you can join us!

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