Having a sick time in Vegas

According to eTurbo News, the norovirus outbreak at Vegas' Flamingo Hotel is starting to wane, after 325 of the 1,252 reported cases were confirmed. The hotel, of course, says it did its best to keep its guests safe. That didn't stop two Ohio tourists from filing a lawsuit that "alleges that the hotel did not properly alert more than 20 guests who became ill after staying there."

    Robert Stewart, spokesman for the Flamingo, told the Associated Press that besides cleaning and disinfection efforts at the hotel, letters alerting guests were placed last week in the hotel's 3,455 rooms. The hotel earlier posted information on signs in the hotel lobby and casino.

Short of washing peoples' hands for them, I don't know what else the hotel could have done, do you? More importantly, do you have an action plan in case something like this sweeps through your meeting hotel? Hotels aren't the only ones who can be sued, after all.

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