Having fun with conference planning misfires

Jeff Hurt is having a good time naming conference planning afflictions to avoid. My favorites (and there are 12 more that are just as good):

Conferencably Late

(pronounced kon-fer-ens-a-bul-lee lat)

Not to be confused with fashionably late where the elitist and famous arrive belatedly to the party. Mass entrance of conference attendees 10-, 15- and even up to 30-minutes after the general session has officially begun as attendees know how predictable and boring the initial self-promo and political offerings will be.

and its antonym


(pronounced mass-o’-dus)

Mass exodus of attendees from general sessions before they are officially finished. Often occurs within the first twenty to thirty minutes because of poor quality, content and speakers.

Though one commenter nailed one of my biggest pet peeves with this one:

Learnlusion – The illusion that learning has occurred simply because information has been presented.

Of course, I couldn't resist adding a few of my own in the comments. It's kind of hard to stop once you get started. Which is a sad statement when you think about it. Meeting physicians, heal yourselves (or at least your meetings).

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