Have a good customer service story?

Customers Are Always says that the Telephone Doctor is holding a contest to see who has the best customer service stories. This could be a good way to let the world know how above and beyond that CSM went, or the difference that housekeeper made to your attendees—and give a little more prominence to the meeting planner business to boot. The winner gets $1,000, with second and third place winners receiving $250 and $100, and the company may include your story in a book about, of course, great customer service.

I say, go for it. E-mail your stories to bestcustomerservicestory [at] telephone doctor.com. The deadline for entries is Jan. 31, 2007. I hadn't run across Customers Are Always before, either, but it's well worth a read for those of us interested in customer service, both giving and receiving (which is just about everyone, right?).

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