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Harris Rosen honored by U.S. Dream Academy; Oprah gets him "kind of tingling"

Daoprahrosen Congratulations to Orlando Hotelier Harris Rosen (of Rosen Hotels & Resorts fame), who was honored byThe U.S. Dream Academy at the 3Power of a Dream Gala2 in Washington, D.C., recently. He must have been thrilled to get the President's Award for his work with an educational pilot program for Tangelo Park, a predominantly African American community in Orlando, that would allow tots to attend preschool at no cost to their parents, and that pays the college costs for those who go to a Florida public college. From a press release:

    Since its inception in 1993, the Tangelo Park program has provided more than 250 college scholarships, and high school dropout rates have gone from 25% in 1993 to just 6% last year.

Definitely a worthy cause, and he deserves recognition for his work with the project. But what made me laugh was this: "Also in attendance was Oprah Winfrey who apparently made an impression on the usually unflappable Rosen. Upon accepting his award, Rosen quipped, 'I just met Oprah, and I'm still kind of tingling.'" Not too surprising, seeing as she looks absolutely fabulous in that dress!

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