Growing a new crop of leaders

I've been working with three of today's leaders in continuing medical education to develop an online place where tomorrow's CME leaders can develop their skills and learn new techniques--specifically, how they can make change happen. Because this is the healthcare industry, the need for change is blasted out in newspapers daily, and the need for the next generation to step up is pretty intense.

So imagine my joy when I read this article from Fast Company magazine, where Peter Senge defines leadership as "the ability to produce change."

That is so profound, if you think about it. Instead of just the CEO or other top execs being leaders (how often, really, does change mandated from the top actually happen on the front lines?), it empowers each and every one of us to lead from our own strengths, to change things for the better in our own little worlds and, if the change "works," watch it ripple out to other areas.

Anyway, it's a fascinating article you might want to print out and save for a day when you want to spend some time thinking deep thoughts about how to better our lives, our professions, and our industry.

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