Green things hotels do, and don't, do well

According to the AH&LA Green Assessment Survey, here are the top 10 green things hotels are doing well, and

the top 10 green things hotels can improve on


    The top 10 green things hotels are doing well:

    1. Offering linen reuse program

    2. Recycling paper

    3. Using compact fluorescents in guestrooms

    4. Using compact fluorescents in public spaces

    5. Offering towel reuse program

    6. Training maintenance staff on conservation and energy procedures

    7. Recycling cardboard

    8. Water conserving retrofits for showers

    9. Recycling program in administrative areas

    10. Tracking energy and water consumption on a monthly basis

    The top 10 green things hotels can improve on:

    1. Having occupancy sensor controls for the thermostat in guestrooms

    2. Recycling food waste

    3. Using indoor paints that are low or zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) or Green Seal Certified

    4. Using T8 lamps in corridors

    5. Giving preferential treatment to vendors/suppliers who offer recycled products

    6. Using daily cleaning chemicals that have a MSDS health rating of “1” or less and/or Green Seal Certified

    7. T8 lamps in back of house

    8. Tracking generation of solid waste on a monthly basis

    9. Recycling program in guest rooms

    10. Recycling program in recreational areas

The main problem with this survey, IMHO, is that it just asks hotels if they have these programs/procedures in place--it doesn't ask them if they measure how well they are working. For example, my favorite is the linen and towel reuse program, which most everyone has, but seldom actually is adhered to, in my experience, anyway. They could be training their staff, but are they measuring whether or not the staff is acting on what they learn? Some of these items are more black-and-white, but without measurement, it's hard for me to agree that hotels are or are not doing well in the grayer areas.

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