Great swag alternative

The good folks on MeCo were chatting about swag after reading this Fast Company article about swag, tchotches, and other conference giveaways. Then photographer Brian McCarthy mentioned one of the best giveaway ideas I've heard in a long time.

His clients hired him to take portraits of their convention attendees, which he was able to do at a quick clip of a few minutes per portrait (he travels nationally to work with conventions and meetings, he tells me. He also brings his own portable studio, which he specifically designed to meet airline check-in regulations). He said it was a big hit, because people got good shots they could use on their Web site, etc., the other vendors had a line of people to chat with, and the organization got kudos for providing what he says one attendee called the "best swag ever" (he e-mailed the images to each person at the end of the day, which gave the sponsor one more shot to message that person as well).

Is that not a terrific idea?

Speaking of swag, I also just heard that President Obama is not a fan of the stuff, at least not when the federal government is the giver of the swag (the swagger?). More on the ban on government swag here, also courtesy of MeCo.

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