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Great Ideas conference launches show blog

The Great Ideas conferences, taking a page from this year's ASAE show blog, has launched a blog of its own for this year's events in Orlando, December 4-6 and San Diego, February 26-28. (The conferences are another ASAE and The Center for Association Leadership venture, so the idea that they'd follow the success of their earlier online venture isn't too surprising.)

Run by some of my favorite Web reads (Kevin Holland, Amy Smith, David Gammel, Kathi Edwards, and Micki Rops), it's already off to a great start, I think. There are already a couple of posts I'd like to comment on, and it's just beginning.

These folks know how to do it right, and it'll be fun to follow this one, especially given the great things I've heard about The Center's conferences. I'm still waiting for IAEM's Expo! Expo! blog to gain some traction. So far, there hasn't been much to talk about, IMHO. But I remain ever hopeful...

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