Great charity idea: recycling hotel pillowcases

Great charity idea: recycling hotel pillowcases

I absolutely love that the Embassy Suites Hotel in Charlotte, N.C., found a new life for old hotel pillowcases: dresses for impoverished girls in Haiti. It started last fall when it partnered with a local church group to collect about 300 old hotel pillowcases and repurposed them into more than 450 dresses to send to kids in Haiti, which still is reeling from the January 2010 earthquake.

According to a writeup on Tourism-Review, the project was the brainchild of Frank Bethea, a hotel bellman and a member of Charlotte's Greater Providence Road Baptist Church, which had already been involved in charity work for Haiti. The hotel provided the raw materials, the church members dyed the pillowcases and sewed them into bright and pretty dresses, and the church's Haitian ministry distributed the clothes to kids in need.

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