Google-fighting, anyone?

I just found GoogleFight, where you can see how two different search terms compare. (Thanks to Tom Asacker for the link.)

Funny, hotels trounce resorts (121,000,000 results to 38,400,000 results), but come close to tying with conference centers (118,000,000 results). And among our five magazines, here's the results (these don't necessarily refer just to our magazines—it's total hits for the phrase):

Association Meetings: 36,200,000

Medical Meetings: 23,100,000

Insurance Conference Planner: 3,020,000

Religious Conference Manager: 2,740,000

Corporate Meetings & Incentives: 1,150,000

There's even 200,000 responses on "Sue Pelletier"—I must be in pretty good company!

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