Goofy holiday sites wrapup

Rather than dole these out one by one, here's a roundup of some of the strange, funny, clever, and stupid holiday sites I keep running across:

Jib-Jab's "Grumpy Santa" a cute little video. (via the MIMlist)

Holiday view from the cube someone with either a lot of holiday spirit or way too much time on their hands (via the Fast Company blog)

It's a Wonderful Life. In a 30-second video. Starring bunnies.

Hey-ya Hanuka. Music video spoof.

Chrismahanukwanzakah Music video spoof

Slingshot Santa Addictive, vindictive game (via TSMI blog)

Santa Urban Snowboarding Totally addictive game with some disturbing body noises and Santa grabbing for bling. (via TSMI blog)

Elf Bowling I'm disturbingly good at this game (via TSMI blog)

Speedy Santa A kind of boring game, I thought (via TSMI blog)

Christmas Space Invader Somebody, stop me! (via TSMI blog)

Secret Santa Guess which celebrity lurks under the beard and hat? (via TSMI blog)

Two more from the MIMlist:

Buddy's snowball fight Lots of fun!

Penquin Practice (Click mouse to launch, and mouse again to swing) A little sick for those of us who like penguins, but it does appear to enjoy it.

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