Good Stuff from Joan Eisenstodt

That's the name of the (relatively) new blog this industry guru is now writing over at the Meetings Collaborative, where you also can rate hotels from a meetings perspective, and do lots more fun stuff. Check out Joan's blog here. Particularly provocative is a recent post about how politics and meetings collide, and yet we don't talk about it much in public. She asks why it is so difficult to talk about politics or religion as they pertain to planning.

Well, if she saw some of the reactions I got to a series on diversity and meetings, she'd see why. People get awfully hot under the collar about these two topics, even when trying to apply them to business situations.

I wish we could talk about religion, politics, and other real-world issues that shape meetings as much as they do all other aspects of our society, but we're not yet at a place where this can be done productively (except among those who all hold the same views, but that doesn't do much to move things forward). I'm not entirely sure we'll ever get there, frankly.

But I do think it's important to keep trying (she says, still licking her wounds from the December diversity series).

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