Good CME helps ambulance corps win award

According to the Journal News, the South Orangetown Ambulance Corps' being named as this year's best EMS agency in the Hudson Valley is due in part to its dedication to continuing medical education. From the article:

    [Raphael Barishansky, executive director of the Hudson Valley Regional Emergency Medical Services Council Inc.] cited the corps' dedication to providing its members with continuing medical education training and to obtaining and maintaining the latest EMS equipment. More notably, the corps' grass-roots Care Link program, which teaches community members to be better prepared for emergencies helped win the honor...

    Those members are encouraged to take EMT and advanced EMT courses and volunteers for the corps' youth division are offered CPR, first aid and CFR, or Code of Federal Regulations, certification. The corps was recognized for its regular training sessions on hot topics in the news such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPPA, a federal regulation that gives patients greater control over their medical records and how they should be used.

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