Gone sailing

Gone sailing

Face2face will be a bit on the quiet side for the next 10 days or so as your faithful blogger takes a well-deserved vacation sailing in the Grenadines. Here's what it looked like when we were there a few years ago:


And I can only imagine it's even more beautiful now. There isn't much in the way of corporate teambuilding events or other meetings-related things to report on down there (at least, not that I'm aware of yet), so I likely won't bore you with tales from our trip on my return. But if you're interested, this guy has some great writeups of some of various adventures in the Grenadines and other Caribbean hot spots. Anyway, we're chartering a boat from Barefoot Yacht Charters for the first time, and we have high hopes that they'll take good care of us and our adventures won't be too adventuresome!

So my friends, until we meet again, fair winds and following seas...

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