Give me an SSSSSSSSS

With all the Internet hype, and bracketed by real-life plane diversions of unprecidented numbers lately, I figured Snakes on a Plane would be at best, well, uncomfortable, if not uncomfortably bad. Did I mention I'm not too wild about snakes, and have a bad case of fear of flying? Yet off we went yesterday to the movies, and I have to say that I haven't laughed so hard in a while. It's not a broad parody like Airplane was, it was obviously done tongue firmly in cheek (and snakes firmly, well, everywhere).

Who would have guessed that this actually happens? (In Amsterdam, on a helicopter, well, I won't go on.) At least we no longer have to worry about terrorists bringing bottled snake venom on board—not that that had ever crossed my mind before. If you don't mind crudity, nudity, and lewdity, not to mention a giant boa constrictor, I'd give it two thumbs up. If you go to see it, don't forget to check your audience participation script first.

Just be glad you're not this guy, who after dropping an iPod in an airplane loo got in a situation that probably made a few cobras seem tame. Ain't travel grand?

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