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Getting creative about flying

Creativity can be used for almost anything. Here are how some are using theirs when it comes to the airlines:

The bad--OK, this is scary: a PDF of current concealed knives that are commercially available now. I couldn’t go on after looking at the car keys, which turn into switchblades. No matter what we do to ensure air safety, someone’s always going to find a way around it…

Now I’m depressed.

The good--But then I came across a post on Brand Autopsy that made me feel much better about going to the airport—or, at least, taking my shoes off going through security, where they won’t find all those concealed weapons: a proposed marketing partnership between Swiffer mops and TSA that would keep the floors clean and be a great promotion for Swiffers.

    In addition, clearly posted signage should tout:


    "Clean Floor Courtesy of Swiffer Wet"

    If we can clean up after 30-thousand strangers,

    imagine what we could do for your kitchen."

Now for the ugly: A woman misunderstands a security checker’s request to remove her pouch and takes off her shirt instead. Then she sues them for discrimination.

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