Get ready to chuck the walkie talkies

I'll admit it: I was a big fan of the original Star Trek series. I wanted to be Captain Kirk. My best friend and I made our own homemade Tribbles out of old stuffed animals and disemboweled robot-type toys. I even made a fake flip-open communicator out of an old microphone when I was on the AV squad (did I mention I was a total geek?).

But little did I know that one day we may actually have in our sights the touch-a-button-on-your-shirt-and-talk thingie that all those poor red shirted guys wore in vain, slapping at their chests for help right before the salt monster sucked all the moisture out of them.

But check it out: The Star Trek communicator lives! This could make those old walkie-talkies at a conference completely obsolete. Yes, I am a little overly excited about this. Yes, I am still a geek.

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