Get meetings back on the table

Check out the latest meetings-related editorial from Ben Stein, this time from the American Spectator: No Meetings on the Table.

He's turning out to be one of our biggest big-name supporters these days. Wish I had been able to see his keynote at MPI (Mike McCurry posted some about it; haven't had time to scope out more, but I do hear it was good.) I especially like this quote from his editorial:

"Business meetings had zero to do with causing this recession. Even more to the point, banning or condemning business meetings will not help us get out of the recession. Instead, this anti-meeting policy gets hotel and airline workers fired, kicks hotel maids and busboys in the teeth, wrecks communities used to working hard to be good hosts."

Keep on saying it, Ben. Hopefully someone other than interested parties like me will take notice.

P.S. Sorry to be so quiet lately here on face2face. First I had back-to-back production on two magazines, then a vacation with my three sisters in Rome, Italy (poor, poor, pitiful me, right?). Just got back last night, but I promise to try to catch up here (as well as elsewhere) as quickly as I can. Anything exciting going on that I missed?

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