Get lost?

I’m one of those people who always gets lost in a mall, but I usually do OK when I’m in a city. Unless it’s Boston. No matter how many times I drive around bean town, I always manage to end up on a one-way street to nowhere, looking longingly at exactly where I want to end up and knowing "You can’t get there from here" (said with a Maine accent). That’s why I found this article on the most difficult cities to navigate to be so gratifying--I’m not alone.

    "according to a recent study conducted by "Best Places to Live" expert, Bert Sperling, Boston is America's "most challenging city to navigate", followed closely by Washington D.C. (2), San Francisco (3), Baltimore (4) and New York (5)*.

So if you do a drive-in meeting to one of these spots, consider sending really, really good directions!

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