The geography of personality

Something to think about when doing the site selection for your next meeting: How does the personality of a place mesh with that of your group? According to this article in the Wall St. Journal, there's a study that looked at the geography of personality, and came up with some trends that fit with the usual stereotypes (stressed New Yorkers, for example), and some that don't (denizens of West Virginia and Mississippi also are stressed, for different reasons; North Dakota is the most outgoing state).

This bit made me laugh:

    In Florida, meanwhile, tourism official Dia Kuykendall groped to explain her state's high "conscientious" ranking. She was having trouble reconciling that with, say, the party scene on Miami Beach. "Conscientious of how they look?" she wondered.

    The research did give Ms. Kuykendall an idea for a new Florida tourism pitch: "Come visit us, we're not neurotic!"

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