Gee it's good to be back home again

Much as I love New Orleans and the Alliance for CME meeting, it felt great to wake up in my own bed this morning (I got home yesterday and technically woke up in my own bed then, too, but after delays that got me actually at my house around 4 am, yesterday was pretty much a wash).

For those who couldn't make it, I wish there was a better virtual place to look for a taste of what went on than here, though the handouts and PowerPoints all should be posted by the end of the week at the Alliance's Web site. There are a couple of pre-con podcasts available too, though nothing from the conference itself that I can find on a quick skip-through.

The Twitter stream, which you can follow on Twitter via the #acme2010 hashtag (or check out the Twitter fountain I posted last week) only had about six people tweeting the meeting, which I found pretty surprising given the participation I've seen at other conferences in recent years. Maybe it was the lack of connectivity in the conference's meeting space, or maybe we're just not a social media-friendly group? (I also was surprised at how little social media was discussed in and outside of sessions. It's been a few years since I went to my last Alliance meeting, but social networking has been blanketing the other conferences I've been going to. The dearth of formal and informal discussion about it really surprises me).

If anyone else was blogging the conference, or podcasting, or YouTubing, or otherwise spreading the word about all the good stuff we were learning, please let me know (e-mail here, or leave links in the comments below) and I'll do my part to let people know.

And I'm trying to figure out exactly how to cover this mountain of information in the next issue of Medical Meetings. What were your top takeaways that those who couldn't make it to the conference absolutely need to know? Again, please let me know via e-mail, or leave links in the comments below.

Major kudos to the folks who put together the content of this year's Alliance meeting. It was the best I can remember. My only complaint (other than the anti-social media aspects) was that there were too many good sessions going on simultaneously. There were so many I wanted to go to but just couldn't clone myself...

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