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Gaming goes RFID

I've mentioned radio frequency identification, or RFID, several times already (here, and here), but here goes again--now they're talking about embedding RFID chips in gaming tables and chips. From Gambling Magazine:

    Casino owners may become the newest members of the RFID bandwagon. They show a keen interest in the technology as a way to track customers from the moment they hit the gaming tables. And the purchase of two patents by a large manufacturer shows they will not miss out on the 21st century technology.

    Shuffle Master, a gaming supply company headquartered, in Las Vegas, Nevada, recently purchased two RFID-related patents for $12.5 million...The first patent is for RFID-enabled gaming chips. A casino could track the chip from the time it was first played to the time it is cashed in. The second patent is for the gaming table tracking system that monitors and records all gaming chip transactions in a casino.

So if your attendees are into gaming, at least they'll be easy to keep track of!

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