Fun with words

Inspired by the Washington Post's annual word list, which invites readers to add/subtract/change a letter in a word to give it a whole new meaning (examples: sarchasm (n): The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it; hipatitis (n): Terminal coolness), I thought it'd be fun to throw it open to meetings terminology. A few to get us started:Meltings: gatherings in really hot ballrooms Baldroom: Where the follicly challenged go to meetings Attendeed: A guarantee that you'll never face attrition again I'm feeling a little creatively challenged today--I know you guys will come up with much better than this! Go ahead and post yours in the "comments" area. I'll post this to the MIMlist too, and will share the best of what they come up with. Update: Some MIMlist ideas: Volinteerns -- People who offer their services gratis to learn how to offer their services gratis
Regisstation -- Where you go to get badged by a talk show host
Set-up Brew -- What the guys who turn the room around drink
Slow Manager -- The guy who says he'll come to your booth right away, and shows up 3 hours later
Prayage -- The process of getting your shipment from the dock to your booth
Check-inn: informal term for hotel site inspection
food and leverage (at the prices some of these places charge!)
Aftrition: A contractual compromise allowing you to only have to pay for unused rooms in the back of the hotel.
Canference: Seminar held in a men's room stall.

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