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Fun with pharma terminology

Inspired by the Washington Post's annual word list, which invites readers to add/subtract/change a letter in a word to give it a whole new meaning (examples: sarchasm (n): The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it; hipatitis (n): Terminal coolness), the pharma marketing listserv is having a ball coming up with new pharma terms. A few of the best so far:

Charmaceutical: An SSRI taken by someone who thinks they have a genuine diagnosis, but in reality are simply unpleasant.

Pharmasuitickle: An overall pleasant tingling a personal trial attorney gets when contacted by a former Vioxx patient.Byotech: A small, specialty pharmaceutical company whose stock rises paradoxically whenever they announce failed clinical trials.
Contrasindication: A DTC ad deliberately designed to generate controversy, so as to get aired on cable news 10 times for every paid slot.
Derail Aid: A tool to confuse physicians
DTC advertising: Direct to courthouse

How about some for the CME world? Maybe

Dine 'n dutch: Docs paying for their own food at dinner meetings
MOCC: Maintenance of certified complacency
Continuing medico education: One-on-one CME

OK, so I'm creatively challenged this morning. Can you come up with anything better?

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