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Fun and games=good business sense

Only Rich Westerfield could see a meeting marketing opportunity in this silly-but-addictive game on, where you score points by driving a snowplow around Boston's famously tricky streets. It's harder than it looks! And if you manage live meetings, you can mentally replace the snowplow with an AV cart, and the buildings with meeting rooms...oh what fun.

But I digress. Rich thinks that games like this could be used as a sort of viral marketing for meetings and events. What a great idea to use an online game, or some other form of off-the-beaten-track tool that is so cool that it would spread from attendee to attendee without you having to send a single mailer. Rich suggests that CVBs and convention centers could retool the game from "Boston" to "your city" and "snowplow" to "Segway."

    For show managers, change "Boston" to "your exhibit floor" and "snowplow" to "crazed overweight free sample and literature collector in motorized chair" get the idea.

But it wouldn't even have to be a game. It could be anything you could attach to your meeting that would get some buzz going. Say, for an accounting conference, how about licensing Perspicuity's Crosby, Stills, Ernst & Young, or this one for librarians? For neuro docs, would they not e-mail links to The Trepanator and, coincidentally, info about your meeting? The possibilities are endless.

But is anyone doing it? (P.S., can you tell I love Perspicuity's designs?)

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