Friday fun: What celeb do you look like?

Friday fun: What celeb do you look like?

I've been told I look a little like Helen Hunt, but according to myheritage.com, a site that uses facial recognition technology, I most resemble Elizabeth Hurley (60 percent resemblance). Cool! I about half resemble Richard Pryor, too, so I'd take this with a grain of salt. Using another photo, though, put me as 73 percent similar to Jennifer Lopez. Anyway, it's just fun to play with.

Though it could be a fun thing to do for a conference, now that I think about it. How about having a photographer roaming around taking random shots of people, which a staffer then could run through the site (it can handle doing multiples for group shots)? You could flash the results on a screen as people settle in for a general session. It would get people talking, that's for sure. Or you could just tell people they could pick up a screen shot of their celebrity comparison at the registration booth. I bet people would love something like this.

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