Four out of five surveyed OK with airport super scanners

Despite calls for an airport scanner opt-out day and even a protest song, a CBS news poll finds that four out of five people support full-body airport scanners. From the article:

"Although some civil rights groups allege that they represent an unconstitutional invasion of privacy, Americans overwhelmingly agree that airports should use the digital x-ray machines to electronically screen passengers in airport security lines, according to the new poll. Eighty-one percent think airports should use these new machines -- including a majority of both men and women, Americans of all age groups, and Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike. Fifteen percent said airports should not use them."

Maybe only 15 percent of those surveyed are regular fliers? Or they thought the survey was asking about the old-style X-ray machines? Maybe they haven't yet heard about Gizmodo's publishing of 100 images of digitally stripped people saved on a full-body scanner at an Orlando, Fla., courthouse, despite claims by TSA that "Advanced imaging technology cannot store, print, transmit or save the image, and the image is automatically deleted from the system after it is cleared by the remotely located security officer"? (Update: TSA's blogger Bob says the two situations don't correlate and reiterates the above statement.)

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