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Flying soon no longer will be a safe haven from cellphones

According to Slashdot, pretty soon even the skies won’t be cellphone-free:

    In a recent article from the New York Times it seems that airlines and cellphone makers are working towards allowing cellphones to be used on airplanes during flight. (free reg. required) Currently the plan is to have a mini cell tower, a picocell, on the plane that would intercept all the calls from people in the plane and relay them to satelites or ground towers. The FAA, FCC, and the airlines really want to be absolutely sure that there will be no interference anywhere. The article also says that cell use may still be banned during landings just to be safe. Changes would start in 2006.

I know that’s great news for some folks, but for me, the thought of 200 people jabbering on cellphones in an enclosed space gives me aural claustrophobia.

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