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Flying the doped-up skies

Xanax, Valium, Klonopin—it sounds like people are digging deep into their drug cabinets these days to deal with fear of flying, according to this article in the Taipei Times. A snip:

    "Everybody, personally and professionally, that I know who is afraid to fly gets their hands on Xanax," said Jeanne Scala, a psychotherapist in Roxbury, New Jersey, adding that she has seen an increase in patients and friends talking about taking medication for flying jitters.

    "They'll do anything to take the edge off the anxiety of sitting in a plane," she said. "They just want to zone out, they want to sleep. So they'll take Ambien, Sonata, even pain medication like Soma, which is for back pain. People use whatever they have -- the pharmacy in their house."

And worse is that some people, if their own cupboards are bare, are borrowing drugs from their friends and families. I think I'll stick with Sudoku.

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