Fly high with Wi-Fi

Starbucks has it, Micky D has it, even Wyndham and Marriott have it--now airports are finally getting Wi-Fi'd (edit alert: I don't think Wi-Fi is a verb, but I bet it will be soon).

    "According to a recent report by IDC, a research firm in Framingham, Mass., Wi-Fi hot spots, or locations available to the public, will more than double at American airports this year to 379 from 178 in 2003. IDC predicts the number will nearly triple to more than 1,000 by 2008, exceeding the rate of hot-spot growth at hotels, cafes and restaurants.

    "Another sign of growth, said Richard Snyder, senior vice president for marketing at Concourse Communications, a Chicago company that operates wireless networks: 19 of the top 50 United States airports either offer Wi-Fi in public terminals, or are installing it; another 6 are accepting bids for the service. Among airports offering Wi-Fi are Logan International in Boston, Dallas/Fort Worth International, Denver International, Detroit Metro, La Guardia and Kennedy International in New York, Minneapolis/St. Paul International, Newark Liberty International, Philadelphia International and San Francisco International."

But if you want to get unplugged at Hartsfield International in Atlanta, O'Hare International and Midway in Chicago, and Ronald Reagan National and Dulles in Washington, you'll have to wait a while. The articles says these airports "are only now taking bids from Wi-Fi providers."

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