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Flight changes

It looks like the airlines are planning to cut back on the number of flights offered, and up the price, come fall, according to this Travel Mole article. I see it as a continuation of the trend we've been seeing for the past year or so in many markets. But not all. It'll be interesting, anyway. I'm thinking I should start booking some of my fall/winter trips now, just in case. From the article:

"The coming hits are broad-based. In the US; some parts of the Midwest and leisure points in Florida and Nevada will see reduced service. Overseas, parts of Europe and Asia will see big cuts."

It adds that while some places will be harder to get to (more connections, etc.), most will still be accessible.

Can't help but wonder how it'll affect meetings travel, and meeting planning. Are organizations upping their plans to go regional and get more drive-in attendees if air travel gets too expensive and difficult? I'd be giving it some serious thought, particularly if I had a high concentration of attendees in a particular area.

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