Five trends for 2006

For travel and hospitality, here's USA Today's pick of the five biggest trends in 2006:

1. A-380, a mammoth new plane from Airbus, takes to the air. "Longer, taller, and wider than the White House," the article says. Wow.

2: New Orleans returns, with predictions for a strong fall comeback for meetings. We'll see.

3: Registered travelers get rolling. They predict the new TSA security program that allows some passengers to trade a background check for shorter lines will prove popular. But: "Some people, such as former TSA administrator John Magaw, have warned that terrorists could enroll and bypass rigorous scrutiny." Sigh.

4: New rooms in New York—and even higher rates than ever.

5: Atlanta gets a new runway, a move that hopefully will cut down on flight delays.

I'm still mulling over my own top whatever list of predictions for the meetings business...

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