A field guide to biomedical meeting creatures, part 2

Orac over at Respectful Insolence has added a second part to his field guide series (if you missed part 1, where he takes on people who go to the mikes at the Q&A, check it out--it's hilarious). Now he beards the next wild beast species--poster presenters and those who come to graze. Here's just one:

    1. The Schmoozer. This guy (or gal) wants nothing more than to make as many contacts as possible and will do whatever it takes to achieve that aim. If you show the least bit of interest in his or her poster, the Schmoozer will sidle up to you and try to chat you up. (Characteristic quote: "Can I have your card? Here, please take mine.") Of course, once the schmoozer finds out that you're merely junior faculty or a fellow, his or her reaction to you will be similar to what you would experience if you showed up with skin lesions characteristic of the bubonic plague or, if you're a guy, the reaction you got the last time you tried to hit on that gorgeous model-quality beautiful chick at a bar. How do I know this one, you ask? Don't ask.
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