A few random things

Some things I've seen on BoingBoing I've been meaning to post about:


Check out the typo on this Air Canada luggage sticker: "This baggage has been X-rated at point of origin." Better tell your attendees to leave the lingerie and satin boxers at home!

Then there's this article from the Guardian about two Brits who plan to come to the U.S. and break as many laws as they can:

    Starting in the liberal state of California, they hope to evade the attention of local police officers when they ride a bike in a swimming pool and curse on a crazy-golf course.

    In the far more conservative - and landlocked - state of Utah, they will risk the penitentiary when they hire a boat and attempt to go whale-hunting.

    If they manage to outwit state troopers in Utah, and perhaps federal agents on their trail, they will be able to take a deserved, but nevertheless illegal, rest when they have a nap in a cheese factory in South Dakota.

    "There are thousands of stupid laws in the United States, but we are limiting ourselves to breaking about 45 of them," said Richard Smith, from Portreath, Cornwall.

I can't think of any way to relate this to meetings, but it might be time to start lobbying to get some of these laws off the books.

And last, there's the staticcoat.


According to the Wearable Warnings Web site, "The prototype design is a coat with warning strips of fur that become electro-statically charged in situations where the wearer feels threatened. When charged the fur begins to stand on end; a visual indication that the wearer is uncomfortable. If someone invades the wearer's personal space they will begin to feel a second warning; as they enter the coat's electrostatic field they will feel tingling skin sensations and their hair will stand on end."

I just know some speakers might like to have something like this on when the hecklers begin heckling; planners might like it too, for use when dealing with the whiners, complainers, and all-around pains that are a part of every meeting. Heh heh.

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