Fearful fliers, do not read this

The New York Times has this story from a reporter who was on board the corporate jet that collided with the 737 that went down in Brazil last week, killing all on board. And then I think of those innocent girls in their Pennsylvania schoolhouse, who one minute were learning their sums, and the next shot by a madman.

Along with some things that have been going on in my personal life lately, it reminds me once again how quickly and completely life can change, how the vagaries of fate provide a miraculous landing to one plane's passengers, and a fiery death to the other's. Safety to one school's kids, horror to another's. It also reminds me to appreciate each minute of each day, savor every experience as if it could be my last. Because it could be. It's so easy to sleepwalk through the day, lulled by routine and familiarity. But really, this moment is all we have for sure. I plan to make the most of it.

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