"Fear and loathing in pharma-land"

I had to steal Jim Cameron's headline--can't improve on it to save my life. Mr. Cameron wrote an excellent post on his blog about the PRSA's Healthcare Academy meeting last month in Washington, D.C. A snip:

    Over 200 PR professionals in healthcare began their meeting in Washington in a self-deprecating mood. Billed as “Regaining Public Confidence in the Healthcare Industry”, attendees knew what they were in for. This meeting would be akin to a meeting of nuclear engineers right after Three Mile Island almost had a meltdown.

    The morning began with a high-carb feast of danish and bagels, comfort food for the afflicted. Presenter after presenter reminded the attendees that recent public opinion polls ranked Pharma only slightly higher than tobacco companies and oil barons in terms of credibility. Wanting so badly to be loved, the PR folks couldn‘t understand what had gone wrong.

    Beyond pure entertainment, this also is a great example of why you should be paying attention to what the blogosphere is saying about your meetings!

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