Face2face gets an EBBI

And what, pray tell, might an EBBI be? It stands for the EventCIO Blog Brilliance & Innovation awards, and I'm inordinately pleased to say this humble face2face blog managed to squeak onto the short list of winners.

Talk about good company: The other four are among my all-time favorites: Jeff Hurt, of course, with his brilliant MidCourse Corrections (awarded the Attendee Engagement & Meetings ROI EBBI); Omnipress's The Conference Handouts (awarded the Big Picture Thinking & Collaboration EBBI); Mike McCurry's McCurry's Corner (awarded the Community Building EBBI); and the amazingly prolific Cvent Blog, which won its Ebbi for being a Meeting Planning Tips Machine (and is it ever!).

F2f got the nod for "Musings and Metrics." I'm not sure exactly what that means, but we'll take it. Thanks, EventCIO!

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