The "eyes" have it at Nine Zero

This is pretty wild--according to hotelchatter.com, the new and very posh Nine Zero hotel in Boston is taking innovation beyond new ways to fold napkins:

    Back in July, right before the DNC, Nine Zero, became the first hotel in the world to install the option of iris identification for their extra special Cloud Nine guests. Nine Zero is known to house VIP guests (X-Tina and Adam Durtiz top the list), who frequently stay in the Cloud Nine suite, and these folks now have the option of forgoing the archaic plastic key and opening the door with an eye of their choice.

    LG Iris Identification takes a photo of the guests iris, encrypts it into a number code, and presto, your eye is now your key. Once we heard about this we ran down to Nine Zero to check it out. The technology worked perfectly, and it was a very sci-fi experience.

Not quite sure how I feel about this one, though I like the idea that, once you've been scanned, you can skip the checkin altogether: The hotel just e-mails your room number, and your key is, well, right in your face. But it's still a little oogy to me--if you've ever read Dale Brown's Angels and Demons, you're sure to know why!

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