Exotic thrills, exotic ills

As CMI's editor, Barbara Scofidio, points out in this issue's editorial, incentive attendees may love the idea of exotic foreign lands, but don't forget about the attendant risks of the destination.

That struck me, then struck me harder after I read this article, which says a Phoenix-based nurse who is also vice president of communications for Ottawa University picked up a parasite that gave her diarrhea for a year and a half. The doctors think she picked it up in business meetings that included food like shark-fin soup. Some of the other examples are even worse, like the guy who picked up a parasite in Mexico that ended up causing hallucinations that caused him to kill himself.

If you don't include a health-related waiver (in addition to those for any potentially dangerous activities) in your materials for international attendees, after reading these things, I'd be calling the lawyer. Today.

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