Excellent rant on media and congressional idiocy about meetings

Check out Madigan Pratt's most excellent rant against the idiocy of recent media reports about the SSA spending on meetings, government officials who jump in without knowing what they're talking about, and I'm going to stop now before my blood pressure starts heading north. Appropriately titled, "Excuse Me While I Scream," it'll likely make you want to scream in harmony. Here's just one quick snip:

    Turns our the SSA got a great deal spending only $85 a night at The Arizona Biltmore ($11 below the government daily rate for Phoenix) with a total spend of about $1,000 per person for travel, food and lodging for three days. But instead of receiving praise for astute meeting planning SSA Comissioner Michael Astrue was ridiculed publicly by the media.

    If that weren’t enough, the media hogs in Congress felt compelled to get involved...

(Here's another great rant on the topic, in case you missed it the first time around.)

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