Example of a good event blog

So, you're probably at least starting to think that your conference might reap some benefits by introducing a show blog. I mean, everyone's doing it. The problem is, all too many are doing it badly, which is just a waste of everyone's time. For an example of how to do it right, check out the Word of Mouth Marketing Association's Wombat blog (Wombat stands for Word of Mouth Basic Training). It has some really useful info on it, both in blogs and podcasts, and is a great complement to what the conference is all about.

Plus, there's some great stuff on there for anyone interested in improving the marketing and branding of their event. Some of my favorites so far are How-To: Brand-building through Converts and Fanatics and How-To: Making Your Brand Approachable (an added bonus on the latter is that it's written by Scott Ginsberg, the guy who's been wearing a name tag for so long, he finally got one tattooed on his chest. Seriously).

(Hat tip to Association Inc. for the pointer.)

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