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Here is the table of contents for the December 2004 issue of Evaluation & the Health Professions, along with links to free full text. Because this is a Sage publication, access is free until October 31, 2004.


Here is the archives page for Evaluation & the Health Professions.

"Outcomes of Preventive Case Management Among High-Risk Elderly in Three Medical Groups: A Randomized Clinical Trial"

Robert Newcomer, Vilma Maravilla, Paul Faculjak, and Maria T. Graves

Eval Health Prof 2004;27 323-348

The Validity of Subscores for a Credentialing Test

Thomas M. Haladyna and Gene A. Kramer

Eval Health Prof 2004;27 349-368

On Assessing the Quality of Physicians' Clinical Judgment: The Search for Outcome Variables

Howard Wainer and Janet Mee

Eval Health Prof 2004;27 369-382

Australian Eldercare Providers: Comparing Volunteers and Temporary Staff on Work Environment, Interpersonal Relationships, and Self-Efficacy

Joseph R. Ferrari

Eval Health Prof 2004;27 383-397

Telephone Survey of Hospital Staff Knowledge of Medical Device Surveillance in a Paris Hospital

Valerie Mazeau, Catherine Greniersennelier, Denys Xavier Paturel,

Mostafa Mokhtari, and Gwenaelle Vidal-Trecan

Eval Health Prof 2004;27 398-409

Psychometric Properties of an Instrument Designed to Measure the Educational Quality of Graduate Training Programs

S. Beth Bierer, Andrew J. Fishleder, Elaine Dannefer, Nancy Farrow,

and Alan L. Hull

Eval Health Prof 2004;27 410-424

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