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This post courtesy of Anne Taylor-Vaisey:

Here's a heads-up for some great weekend reading, if you are interested in evidence-based medicine. (And who isn't?)

The upcoming BMJ issue for October 30 is a theme issue entitled:

Evidence Based Medicine: Does it make a difference?

BMJ October 30 2004; 329(7473)

Note: BMJ is still providing its contents at no charge, but in 2005 articles will be available by subscription only.

The links to the current issue will be active tonight (October 28); here are some highlights:


What has evidence based medicine done for us?

Evidence based policy making

Teaching evidence based medicine

Evidence based medicine has come a long way

The essence of EBM


Evidence based guidelines or collectively constructed "mindlines?" Ethnographic study of knowledge management in primary care

What is the evidence that postgraduate teaching in evidence based medicine changes anything? A systematic review

How does evidence based guidance influence determinations of medical negligence?

Evaluating the teaching of evidence based medicine: conceptual framework

"Evidence of me" in evidence based medicine?

Putting evidence into practice: how middle and low income countries "get it together"

See the full contents page here.

Link to more EBM resources from this Web page.

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